Tomas MaShidlauskas


I’m a Toronto based urban designer with a passion for cities. My love of cities started at a very young age and has remained a strong theme in my creative and academic work. As I grew older my fascination intensified and I became increasingly more interested in how urban regions function. As a result, I pursued my natural curiosity by studying architecture at The University of Waterloo. 

My university experience was intense and stimulating but it also allowed me to enjoy the many slower-paced opportunities to study and work in various cities throughout North America and Europe. The time I spent abroad in foreign cities has given me a broader perspective on the magnitude of complex urban problems and solutions and has had a lasting effect on the way I confront challenges at home. 

It may not come as a surprise, but I am naturally inquisitive, and I enjoy seeing the world through many lenses, including: politics, economics and design. I read voraciously on a myriad of subjects and I often draw parallels between urbanism and other fields. Moreover, I navigate between micro and macro scales regularly. 

The work in my portfolio explores the minute details of woodworking on the one hand, while on the other, it tackles the problems of a whole province’s economy. The following collection of pages are intended to be a brief showcase of some of my latest academic and professional work and I hope they paint a more complete image of my interests and style.