TECHtonic morphology


Experimentation in Architectural Screens, 2014

Tectonic Morphology investigates a set of formal articulations through the development of a digitally-created, 3D model. In order to inform the design process, an abstract frame sequence was chosen from the film: Tree of Life. In the selected scene of the film, the viewer is overwhelmed by a progression of round, rhythmic, flaming explosions. These bulbous forms inspired an architectural screen evocative of graceful movement. By manipulating topographic information digitally in the virtual model making phase, we were able to suggest a rhythmic dance similar to the special effects in the film. Just before fabrication with a CNC, experimentation with RhinoCAM toolpaths proved to be a crucial layer in the design process in order to achieve a 'scalloping effect' on the final model. A total of three models were made for the purpose of active exploration in subtractive fabrication strategies and programming of CNC routers. 

Completed at: The University of Waterloo, Digital Fabrications Elective, 2B with Jason McMillan